An Overview


 We are opportunity seekers and curators in culture, technology, and entertainment.


We experiment and transform ideas and gut feelings into impactful, purpose-driven projects.


We capture valuable information and make decisions to pave the industry’s future stakes.

We have set a structured
methodology and
clear outcomes

Our way to do it, 3 main action lines:

We discover, study and ignite our interest to explore audiences, technologies, and businesses that mark out our future industries pathways, since today.

We inspire, experiment, and accelerate iniciatives that represent shortcuts to discover the future of our industry.

We identify, attract, and develop the future companies and industry leaders, through specific actions.

Our domain is future´s design

In LUMO, we have taken elements from future studies, design thinking and data science, to design toolkits for guiding our holding members in their process of discovery, prototype and visualization of new business opportunities, all of these in collaboration with expert and visionary allies.


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