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We design futures!

We experiment, prototype, and visualize the future of the media and entertainment industry.

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We experiment with audiences, technologies, and businesses,

to transform the industry's future pathways.

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We explore future scenarios

to generate new opportunities from the present.

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We collaborate and connect with global innovation leaders

to create new and possible futures for industries, the planet, and society.

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We inspire companies

to develop new projects, based on future thinking.


At LUMO, we approach new and possible futures for media and entertainment industry, fostering an environment for learning and experimentation, through disruption and structuring sustainable business opportunities with key players and global initiatives.

We have set a structured
methodology and
clear outcomes

Our way to do it is composed of 3 main action lines.


We discover, study and ignite our interest to explore audiences, technologies, and businesses that mark out our future industries pathways, since today.


We inspire, experiment, and accelerate iniciatives that represent shortcuts to discover the future of our industry.


We identify, attract, and develop future companies and industry leaders, through relationships with startups.

Our futures model

Elasticity among past, present and future.

In LUMO, we have taken elements from future studies, design thinking and data science, to design toolkits for guiding our holding members in their process of discovery, prototype and visualization of new business opportunities, all of these in collaboration with expert and visionary allies.


 An overview

We connect talent, knowledge, and global innovation fireballs associated with media, culture, and entertainment industry; in a safe place to understand and experiment, willing to get close to disruptive solutions for the planet and society.

Who are we

A vibrant community to share and materialize ideas and opportunities

Core Team

News, projects and information


November 2nd, 2023

Comunidades Web3: innovación, descentralización y colaboración

New forms of interaction, seeking authenticity and trust while navigating the web.
October 17th, 2023

El futuro de las redes sociales: hacia la descentralización y las conexiones auténticas

New forms of interaction, seeking authenticity and trust while navigating the web.
October 9th, 2023

Traducción automática con IA: optimizando la comunicación a escala global

Discover the experiences, challenges, and opportunities that Web3 offers in terms of intellectual property.
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An initiative created
and sponsored by Caracol Televisión

Caracol Televisión has become the most popular private channel among Colombians because it has the best programming. One of Caracol’s most significant interests has been its permanent development in the technological field, relying on the best human team, talent and professionalism, thus contributing to the development of the media industry in our country.

It has its institutional origin in the traditional broadcasting company Caracol, an acronym for Cadena Radial Colombiana. The channel owns the subscription channels Novelas Caracol, Canal Época, Caracol Internacional and the digital terrestrial television channels Caracol HD2, Caracol Sports, Blu Radio, La Kalle HD, and now LUMO Media Lab.